Asset Management

SNT recognizes that bridges and culvert structures represent key parts of operational infrastructure and are of significant value to our clients.  With this in mind, SNT has been developing an Asset Management program in house that will greatly improve bridge management ensuring the optimum function of these structures that are essential to your operations success.

Key Software System Advantages

  • Asset Management – structures are listed and itemized according to location, condition and maintenance status
  • Proactive planning – Avoidance of inconvenient and expensive emergency repair work.
  • Information sharing – Easy access of information across company departments and contractors.
  • Inventory tracking – Track structure maintenance, upgrades, and capital replacements.
  • Information Storage – new and existing reports, Shop drawings and images can be easily inputted, updated, and viewed with the ability to print out compiled reports in pdf
  • Inventory Location – Structures are geo-referenced with multiple options for map base that can be customized to existing client maps.
  • Security – Authorized personnel can edit/save and make changes to inventory minimizing incorrect or loss of data.
  • User friendly – Easy to navigate home screen improves user efficiency and inventory status.

In the continuing effort to keep transportation structures (bridges, culverts, and retaining walls) inadequate and safe working conditions, asset management is necessary. Many existing programs are difficult to use, have several inherent limitations, no georeferencing, or no document storage. In response, SNT has developed an online management system that manages structures interactively using a multi-layered georeferenced map with search, filter, and export options. The long term benefits will facilitate a proactive response to structure maintenance and replacement and enable efficient use of available portable bridge inventory. Ultimately saving the owner money, time, and resources.

The application is designed by bridge experts to interactively manage data rather than statically storing information. Implementing this modern web-based and user-friendly management system will increase productivity and efficiency when managing your structures wherever they may be located.